About Us

Mycelia Foundation believes technology is advancing at a rapid pace while many communities are being left behind, leading to widening societal inequities. We provide customized, community-driven network integration solutions to help schools, nonprofits, and underserved populations fully participate in our increasingly connected world.

Our services include:

- Installing and managing broadband networks to increase access for rural and low-income communities.

- Upgrading connectivity and network security for public and charter school systems.

- Providing security cameras and networks to assist victims of domestic and sexual violence.

By meeting individualized technology needs identified by communities themselves, we aim to empower them to leverage connectivity, close the digital divide, and uplift society collectively. We measure our success based on the number of clients served and lives impacted.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Mycelia Foundation integrates networks for public benefit, pursuing digital equity and transformation through our community-based approach.