Bringing Broadband Access to Underserved Areas

High-speed broadband internet access is essential for education, employment, healthcare, and participation in civic life. Yet many rural and low-income communities lack affordable and reliable broadband connectivity. This digital divide exacerbates inequities and prevents people from accessing critical services and opportunities. 

At Mycelia Foundation, we address this connectivity gap through installing and managing locally-tailored broadband networks in unserved and underserved areas. We take a community-driven approach focused on listening, learning, and building trust. This enables us to fully understand each area's unique barriers to broadband adoption and design sustainable solutions to fit their needs. 

With deep technical expertise and strong local partnerships, we can creatively implement wireless mesh networks, leverage infrastructure from local businesses, and connect households and anchor institutions. Our networks are managed by the community to keep costs low and responsiveness high. We further ensure affordability through enrolling eligible residents in the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program. 

The impact of bringing reliable, high-speed internet to these communities is immense. Students can fully participate in online learning and take advantage of digital resources. Adults gain access to remote work, telehealth services, and government programs. Families stay connected with distant loved ones. Entrepreneurs can start businesses online. And everyone can benefit from an array of entertainment, education, and empowerment opportunities. 

Broadband access unlocks the promise of the 21st century for communities previously left out. Though systemic challenges remain, Mycelia Foundation is committed to equitable technology solutions that help write a new story of inclusion and empowerment. Please join us in closing the digital divide for good.