Safety Through Technology

For survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, the ongoing threat of abuse can make even daily activities dangerous. However, security technology like surveillance cameras, panic buttons, and motion sensors can help protect survivors and prevent further harm. 

At Mycelia Foundation, we partner with nonprofits and law enforcement agencies to implement customized security solutions that meet survivors' individual needs and give them greater peace of mind. Importantly, we provide these services at no cost to the survivors. We also provide education and training to help survivors use technology safely and effectively. By making security systems affordable and user-friendly, we aim to overcome barriers and make tech-enabled safety accessible to all. 

From video doorbells that let survivors see who is outside to automatic alerts that notify authorities of intruders, our innovative tools and approach promote survivor empowerment. But technology is only one part of the solution. Our human-centered support provides survivors with the resources and community strength they need to heal and rebuild their lives. 

Please consider making a donation to help us continue this potentially life-saving work. With your support, we can write a new chapter for survivors where security and justice prevail.